The Lyric of Place
 |  A Gathering Place
 |  6,300 SF

A Santa Barbara style home, set to gather against the glow of fire and dramatic mountain views.

Days here are met with woven stories, and colorful dreams of a family’s blended life and adventure. Common areas inspire conversation, play and bonding. Light and open spaces are grounded with rich, dark woods —enriched with vibrant colorways. Laughter rests easily here, and expands into the kitchen, with a place for many hands and ideas, over a hearty butcher block island. The block is well-loved, etching stories and memories into the grooves after each meal preparation.

Family heirlooms were placed into noteworthy places, married with bursts of color and whimsical drapery and furniture selections. Common office spaces for the couple mirrors the central theme — encouraging union and fellowship. Kids bedrooms with a dual set of bunk beds mingle with bold, oversized patterns. Bunks are situated against walls, allowing ample space to play and read. In the master suite, the couple retreats to a grand, crackling fireplace, bridged by dual sets of French doors — providing private views of moonlit vistas.

A Gathering Place — dwell here, to laugh, dream and return evermore.  — The Lyric of PlaceTM

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Family heirlooms, vibrant fabrics, cozy furnishings, and common spaces to kick off your shoes.

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