The Lyric of Place
 |  Maison de la Poésie
 |  9,900 SF

Situated on an extraordinary hillside, Maison de la Poésie shepherds the panoramic grandeur of nature’s fiery dusk and dawn. A graceful place that echoes the lyric of distant travels, courtship, and French-Italian heritage.

Maison de la Poésie carries a certain wistful affection at each gaze. Sinuous florals, acanthus leaf carvings and palmettes adorn walls and vaulted passageways. Each turn, prompts a new discovery, encouraging slow engagement.

Hand painted doors, ajar, wait for entry. Here, the primary suite invites arrival with herringbone underfoot. Walls envelop us in soft blue, arrayed with intricate mouldings — glimmering with soft metallics. Framed views unveil expansive mountainside landscapes, reminiscent of a Giotto painting.

In the main quarters, the dining table is ready, casting radiant light from heirloom chandeliers over Italian inlay. Ensuing gatherings await, swelling with conversation and Mediterranean cuisine. The adjoining kitchen, white-washed with brick overhead, provokes honest gastronomy.

Maison de la Poésie, a voyaged repose that inclines us to stay — The Lyric of PlaceTM

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Unfolding with evocative and immersive finishes, diverse elements, selected furnishings, heritage, and objets d’art — a soulful theatre with purpose and poetry.